Thursday, August 28, 2008

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Wedding

Okay, now most of you may feel this is an area where you don’t need any help, right? Well, hear me out before you decide. Maybe you don’t need any help. But just like many other aspects for such a special day choosing the right colors for your day can be just as important. Think of it like this, you will be looking at the colors you choose every time you break out the album in your wedding pictures. In my experience I have found there are many couples who start out with one color, purchase items in those colors, and then find something more to their liking in another color. They then change their colors and find they have wasted time and money.
Colors are chosen for many reasons. It’s your favorite color or it looks good on you. The right reasons for choosing your colors aside from those listed above are seasons, time of day, flowers you have to have. When decided on the right colors for your wedding take the time out to do a little research. Go to a few flower shops and fabric stores. This way you can make a solid informed decision. Good luck and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


True, it is possible to save some money when it comes to decorating your own event. However, you must think long and hard before jumping into it with both feet. Remember, this is your big day and you must manage your time wisely. As a planner, I can tell you personally that your safest bet weather you are taking on the task of decorating or not, is to create a very precise time line. This will outline all the things you need to do and the things being done by others. Making a mock time line in advance will also let you know if this is the right move for you.
There will be plenty of family and friends arriving to greet and congratulate you. This makes the day very memorable and emotional. But it does take time. If you have family members who are willing to help, fantastic! Just a note, remember to let them know how thankful you are, because they are there out of love for you, not obligation.
Most banquet halls and hotels only allow you a two hour window of time to decorate for your wedding and reception. However, never assume anything. Be sure to speak directly with your venue as to their rules about décor. When and how it can be done? So, now that you have worked out the details on your time line and you can fit at least two hours in to decorate your wedding and reception. Now you only have to decide what you want and can it be finished in that time period.
Thank you for considering my expert advice. Next to come how to pick the right colors for your wedding.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Introduction

After many years of experience in the wedding and special event industry, as a planner and decorator, I have decided with today's economy we can all use a little help. There are many brides and grooms who feel they may be able to save a little money by decorating their own wedding. The problem is that they spend countless hours on the Internet researching and going from store to store only to find what they are looking for is either not out there or way over budget. I have created this blog to share ideas and pictures and to announce my D.I.Y. decor store coming soon. There will be something for everyone and every budget. I welcome all comment and questions. I will also post pictures from some the events we have done. Thank you for visiting my blog.